RF Rotary LED Dimmer

RF & Wi-Fi rotary LED Dimmer 2836R is a rotary dimmer controller which offers both switch and smooth brightness dimming functions for single color LED lighting. Designed with sleek compact appearance, high strength tempered glass material and rotary knobs; the LED dimmer switch offers accurate smooth dimming and switch functions without any flickering. Each rotary LED dimmer can control 1 zone with endless receivers in each zone. Smooth dimming from 0.1%-100% without any flickering can be very comfortable for human eyes. It is quite easy to switch on/off by clicking the rotary knob and dim brightness by rotating the rotary knob. Compatible with SR-1009 series RF receivers which are available in, constant voltage and constant current versions, the rotary LED dimmer is capable of controlling different types of LED lighting. While receivers are working with Wi-Fi converter, they can be controlled by Wi-Fi via installing APP on IOS and Android systems. Push dim function is available while receivers are connecting with a push switch.


  • Reliable and stable switch dimming control function, control distance can be over 20 meters.
  • Battery in the remote with long lifespan can last for 2 years
  • Switch on/off lighting slowly without any flickering
  • Dimming range from 0.1%-100%
  • Control 1 zone with endless receivers in each zone
  • Enable to be dimmed and switched on/off by push button after connecting receivers
  • Receivers can work with power repeater to expand the output power unlimitedly
  • Rotary adjustment, wall mounted panel
  • Receivers can work with WiFi-RF converter after installing APP on IOS and android systems

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