RGB+CCT LED Smart Outdoor Wall Washer Light


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RGB+CCT SMART Outdoor Wall Washer

Our RGB+CCT SMART Outdoor Wall Washer is a commercial-grade lighting fixture designed for large-scale outdoor illumination. This 24-watt fixture can be used to add vibrant color to the exteriors of buildings, bridges, showcases, and landscaping features, creating dynamic visual effects.
Expand your control by pairing this device with our handheld or wall-mounted RGB+CCT remotes (sold separately) or Wi-Fi Gateway (sold separately) for managing your lights via your smartphone.

94 in stock (can be backordered)


RGB+CCT LED Smart Outdoor Wall Washer Light

Wattage 24W
Input Voltage 100-240Vac
Color Temperature 2700K-6500K
Lumen Output 1800 lumens
Lumer per Watt 75
Fixture Weight/pc 5.80 lbs
Fixture Dimensions/pc 40 x 2.5 x 2.5 in.
Packaging Weight/pc 5.83 lbs
Packaging Dimensions/pc 40.8 x 4.3 x 3 in.
Beam Angle 15*60°
CRI >80
Power Factor >0.9
Operating temperature -4°F to 140°F ( -20°C to 60°C )
IP Rating IP66
Illumination Distance > 49.2ft (15m)
Lifespan 50,000 hrs
Warranty 2 years


Many of our customers use our RGB+CCT Wall Washers on long runs of decorative lighting because of their auto-synchronization and transmitting functions. You can turn them on at different times and they will run synchronously. One Wall Washer can re-transmit the signal received from the remote to another fixture that is up to 98 ft away. Each compatible fixture can then re-transmit the same signal, thus controlling a limitless number of fixtures.


  • 16 Million Color Combinations
  • Color Temperature: 2700K-6500K
  • Dynamic Pattern Modes
  • Mode Synchronization
  • Transmitting Signal Mesh
  • Control distance up to 98 ft
  • Outdoor Rated: IP66 High Power Water Jets
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hrs
  • Warranty: 2 years

Technical Specifications:

  • Wattage: 24-watts
  • Input Voltage: 100-240Vac
  • Lumen Output: 1800 lumens
  • Illumination Distance: 49ft (15m)
  • CRI: >80
  • Power Factor: >0.9
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to 60°C


  • Building Exterior Lighting
  • Bridge Illumination
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Showcase Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Color Changing Lighting

Opt for our RGB+CCT SMART Outdoor Wall Washer for robust and colorful lighting solutions for your outdoor spaces. At LED CITY®️, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative lighting products and unrivaled customer service, accessible via online chat, phone, or email.

RGB + CCT Smart Outdoor Wall Washer Light Spec Sheet


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