Energy Saving System

You want to check out our Energy Saving System, it is a wireless RF lighting control system that saves up to 60% on electricity usage. It works with 120-277V  lights and has a range of 100 ft.

The system includes:

  1. Dimming Controller
    Controls load according to radio frequency (RF) input that is received from the sensor or dimming remote.
  2. Wireless PIR Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor
    Detects heat from personal movement then sends wireless commands to the Dimming Controller to automatically dim or turn on/off the lights.
  3. Wireless Daylight Harvesting Sensor
    Measures how much light is in the room then transmits the light level to the Dimming Controller to automatically control the lights to dim when enough natural light comes in through the windows.
  4. Wireless Dimming Remote.
    Manually dims or turns on/off the lights by sending commands to the Dimming Control.


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