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Welcome to the new ledcityusa.com

Welcome to Dealer Program

In our new dealership program, You will receive following benefits and services from LEDcityusa.com

Site Survey
LED City can visit your customer’s site to provide complimentary evaluation of the current lighting fixtures. The site survey will record general locations and operation specifications (voltages, wattages, type of lights and installed fixtures) of your existing lights and light fixtures.  Our consultant will record maintenance expenses for each existing light. The price of your electricity ($/Kilowatt hour) is required.

Energy Savings Analysis
The Site Survey data is used to create a formal report that shows energy consumed by every existing light / ballast at your facility. This information is compared to the energy consumed by comparable and often considerably brighter LED replacement in the same spread sheet report. The detailed Energy Saving Analysis is generated based on the spread sheets calculations. The Site Survey Analysis Report includes:
– Overall Energy Savings
– Installation Cost Estimate
– Maintenance Cost Savings
– Available Rebates
– Payback Period plus Return on Investment (ROI)
This valuable data will assist your customer by economically justifying the decision to change to LED lighting.

Product Demonstrations:
LED City is pleased to be able to loan LED lights to you and/or your customer as required. Seeing is believing. The LED lighting improvement seen by the customer at their location often leads to the sale of those lights and other lights as well. Product Demonstrations are a great sales tool.

Hands on Training:
Product training makes you better equipped to sell and service LED City’s products.  LED City will schedule classes at your convenience to train your staff on the applications, installation and maintenance of our LED products.ng on all

Special Financing:
Financing on purchases of greater than $5k is now available. The monthly payments are calculated to be the same as the amount the customer saves on their electricity bill when they switch to LED lights. Products are financed for the period that matches the products warrantee period.

If you want to enroll your business then fill the form by clicking on our online application.