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Make The Switch and Save:

Our LED bulb is the equivalent of forty incandescent bulbs as fas as lifespan is concerned. Because the temprature of LED lights do not increase hugely, their lifespan exceeds that of an incandescent bulb by tens of thousands of hours meaning you replace them less often. Not only do you replace LEDs less often, you use less power to brighten an area resulting in lower electrical bills.

LED lights don not only benefit their consumers in regards to consuming upto 90% less energy but they are also less harmful to our environment since they contain and emit no harmful materials, such as mercury which can be found in flourescent bulbs. The impact of LEDs on topics such as, global warming and pollution of water, soil and air is reduced by almost ten times, in comparision to incandescent or florescent bulbs. When you dispose of LED lights they do not leak any harmful waste products that incandescent bulbs do. These waste product include: sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide.

The initial cost of making the switch of LEDs may seem a little daunting, however this cost pays itself back within the first few years of use if no sooner, making the switch that much more desirable.